Play Golf 365 has given whole new meaning to being on the golf dunes in Michigan. Now you can play golf yearly on the dunes in West Bloomfield in our new state of the art indoor virtual golf facility. If you come out to Play Golf 365, you’ll experience for yourself just how tough the dunes are at St. Andrews.You can’t beat taking the family on a virtual golf experience of St. Andrews for only forty dollars per hour. You won’t have to travel world-wide and spend thousands of dollars to find out why the granddaddy of all golf courses has earned its reputation. 

When you arrive at Play Golf 365, a staff member will give you and your guests a rundown of the system and will give basic help with stance and grip if needed (we have golf professionals offering lessons to help with improving the details or your golf game). We will show you the call button to your order for food and drinks from Library Pub Sports Bar & Grill next door. We will also answer any questions you might have. Then, you can have the fun of teeing up and swinging to make that dream drive. While you shoot, your family or friends are standing behind you, waiting for their virtual golf shot.  This is all experienced by the virtual golf foursome for $10 per person per hour – much more economical than flying to Florida or California. 

Each private room comes with its own TV. You can watch any sport like hockey or football or baseball, etc. We have the NFL Ticket, MLB Ticket, ESPN, Fox Sports, etc. You have control of the remote control.  If you hear a solid snap of the ball hitting off the club and a good solid bang of the ball hitting the wall of the virtual golf room – you are not only getting the satisfaction of a good golf experience, but those sounds are picked up by three sonar mikes which then combine data from the 32 cameras to be able to present your life-like tracking of the ball on the virtual golf fairway. Now, you are being transported to the first fairway of Emerald Dunes, or Pebble Beach – or whatever famous course you chose. It’s mimicked to every course Play Golf 365 has. Everything you see is like what you would see on the actual course.  

We have a lot of return customers who are satisfied because they’re getting a realistic experience in the comfort of the indoors. 

After trying the links at St. Andrews, you can set up another day of indoor year round golf at Pebble Beach or choose from many of the other famous courses on the virtual golf menu at Play Golf 365. Whatever golf course you choose, you will get an unequal indoor virtual golf experience at our facility. Play Golf 365 is setting the standard for the play golf yearly experience.  

When you get here, you will be playing your virtual golf game in a private room. There is a granite table counter in the front from which to enjoy delicious drinks and food from the Library Pub Sports Bar & Grill located next door. A wait staff member from next door will take your order, right in your private virtual golf room, and then deliver it back to your room for you and your guests to enjoy.

Play Golf 365 is not just about the fun of a realistic game of virtual golf  - from seeing the results of your drive on a virtual fairway to bettering your fairway long shots to truly sharpening up your short game it has it all. You may also find yourself in a famous golf dune showing your moxey for meeting the challenge of yet another sand trap. Putting is made realistic by having you take an actual putter out for a shot on the virtual golf putting green.